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D, who turns three in a few weeks, just came up to me with the book "There was an old lady", which I just finished reading to her about five minutes ago, and asked "will you teach me how to read?"

She's been learning which lowercase letters go with which capital letters over the last few weeks, and comes up to me with books in her hand saying 'I don't know the right words', but this is the first time she has asked for help in learning how to read the words herself.

Many, many moments I've had as a parent have made me happy and proud for my children, but I think this one tops even their taking their first steps in terms of how I'm watching the world open up for my children. 

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1. It is snowing for the first time this winter. The girls are ecstatic.

2. D just came up to me, pointed at my head and said "You're having a bad hair day." Thanks, but no thanks, Imagination Movers. :/

3. Just had, or rather didn't have, one of the worst night's sleep in months. E has taken to rolling away from me *without letting go first.* ow ow ow The monsters that my softy husband O has created are also coming home to roost - and keep us up all night; R&D both spent most of the night begging for more milk! Intermittant reinforcement, anyone? Sheesh!

4. I am enormously vexed that the cord for my sewing machine seems to have vanished in the room shuffle. How am I supposed to make Christmas presents now? (Not that I have time, but I certainly don't have money either, so yikes!)

5. WILL break 30000 words on my NaNovel today. Am at 27K+ right now.

6. Go read Vairavi's persona diary for KnoWoPerWriMo. WOW.


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I just broke 10,000 words. :)

I'm especially pleased, since that makes me a full day ahead again, even after not writing a single word yesterday due to that stupid headache.

Now if I can just stay a full day ahead, I won't get behind due to Mimir's on Saturday.

BTW - E started laughing the other day, and, well, he has a GREAT laugh. :)
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1. The girls were very brave during their flue vaccinations, so we went and got them candy-collecting cauldrons at Ben Frank's on the way home. They've been practicing saying 'Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!', going back and forth between my desk and O's. Too cute.

2. Their first Creative Movement class was great, but not what I'd expected. We made a family affair of it, since O's class isn't until the afternoon on Wednesdays, and that was a VERY good call. Lots of kids the girls' age, and a really nice teacher whose philosophies I like, but I DO wish she'd slow down more than a little - SO much of it just went right over the girls' heads. I mentioned it to the teacher, Rachel, and she said that by the third class the kids would get the routine of the class, and would be anticipating the actions. Well, sure, but that doesn't mean they'll know what to do, just that they run back and forth across the room with the other kids when the teacher says Shasse (sp?) Oh well - they had fun, and the other parents (all Moms, which is unfortunate for O - heck, there is only one boy in the class!) were nice too.

3. O is doing NaNoWriMo too. :) My other writing buddies are Ink Books Punk (I don't know any of her other names) and my Sign Interpretation teacher, Lady Cedre de Longres (sp?), whom I never get to see, or hardly even talk to, but love very much, so I'm glad we are doing this together. :) I'm also trying to get Freya to participate, since NaNo is free, and doesn't require leaving the house! :) Can you tell that NaNo makes me happy? Checkout the smileys! :)

Ack! That posted before I was done... here's the rest of what's on my tiny mind just now...

4. I still have no idea what to write for NaNo. I have a few ideas, but can always use more!

5. I need to get off my duff today and post the schedule for Mimir's. We have over 20 classes, but the building will absorb those easily, meaning we still have room for more. Ah well - maybe next year! Anyone who wants to save themselves some time at Gate can check out our pre-registration form accessible at (You are too late for the discount, but saving time and hassle is always a good thing, eh?)
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1. I'm going to do NaNoWriMo, and a bunch of folks in the A&S 50 Challenge are going to do a Persona Challenge spin on it, called the Knowne World Persona Month, aka KnoWoPerMo, where they write either about their persona, or in his/her voice, some in blogs, some in prose. Cool, eh?

2. I'm NOT doing a persona piece for NaNoWriMo, but a fantasy medieval kids story instead, as my persona is just not well developed enough, and I want something creative, which that level of research right now just isn't. I'm basing it on an island I created for a role playing campaign that never happened, and I'm actually pretty excited about it.

3. Headaches over setting the date for Northern Lights 2009 continue. We have a full martial schedule for Mimir's at this point, but still have room for A&S classes. (We have lots of classes, but many of them are being held in alternate spaces, like the kitchen, so we have the messy arts room, the music room, and several regular classrooms all with time slots still available. Let me know if you are interested in teaching!!!)

4. D 'read' every word of a book to me yesterday, "Blue Hat, Green Hat". The words are the color and name of the clothing item in each picture, so she was more telling me the story than actually reading it per se, but in this case it amounts to the same text. Neat, eh?

5. Embroidery stuff for Freya is enroute with Ardenia, including some Glow in the Dark floss, for making that personal favour just a little more Freya-esque in terms of humor. :)
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"Our baby puked over my shoulder,
Our baby over my knee,
Our baby puked all over Mama,
Oh, please baby, don't puke on me!

Oh no, oh no, please, baby, don't puke on me, on me!
Oh no, oh no, please, baby, don't puke on me!"

O and I make up stupid little songs like this all the time, and most of them get forgotten after a month or two, so I thought I'd actually write this one down, especially since R has already learned to join in on the refrain. :)

BTW - R&D both learned how to somersault (aka 'flippy push') by themselves two nights ago. R sort of veers off to one side still, but has already taken to doing it off higher platforms. D has gone instead for speed and accuracy - she can hit a parent from four feet away. :)

Also, don't expect much from me for a day or two - E is really congested, so nursing is taking well over an hour at a time, instead of about 15 minutes. Considering how often he wants to nurse to begin with, this means zero sleep for sleepy Albreda, who is feeling less recovered from her own cold than she did 24 hours ago. :/
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Any of you out there with young children know that:

a) kids waste ridiculous quantities of food,
b) they can be very picky about what they eat, and
c) most of what they WILL eat costs the moon.

Ergo, we're investigating how to feed the girls for only a small asteroid a month instead. The one caveat is that I am ok at doing lots of work once a week in exchange for getting to do Jack-all the rest of it; foods that take prep up front are fine, but I need to be able to throw the results at my kids when they are screaming, and then not have to deal with them. The less sticky/crummy/wet my fingers/table/kids get the better.

I'm thinking of making my own granola and fruit bars, and of buying a dehydrator for fruit leathers and dried yogurt (don't ask why, but R will only eat it dried). Any other ideas?

Also - anyone have good recipes for granola or fruit bars, or have experience with dehydrators?
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Funny:  Robert Fairfax, on the EK list said:

"There is no reason to believe in God.  She/He/It either exists or does
not.  It's like believing in the Jovian moon Titan: I've never seen
Titan, but it's there.  *Believing* in Titan is a waste of emotional
energy.  Developing behavioral protocols based on the possible existence
of Titan is patently ridiculous.  Discuss."

Sweet:  My friend Tra is a genius; she sent me flowers (really nice), and she sent my girls *balloons* - they've been playing with them all day long (awesome, since we haven't been hearing about how much they miss my parents who left today instead), and the girls *shared them with E*, putting the strings in his tiny hands so he could play with their balloons too.  Since they only just turned 28 months, I thought that was pretty darned sweet of them.  :) 
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1.  Lumpy passed his NST (Non-Stress Test - where they test how many contractions I have in 20 minutes (ie none), and whether his heart rate goes up 15 beats per second over his baseline heartrate for 15 seconds when he has a big round of movements) and BPP (Biophysical Profile - an ultrasound exam where they look at my amniotic fluid levels, whether he is breathing it well, and if he is moving all of his pieces parts appropriately) with flying colors, but I'm going in for a set of them once a week from now on, which is a drag, even if I DO get to see his cute little face more often.  :)  The Drs took a look at my sugars, and said that I'm doing just fine, and do NOT need to add morning insulin, which is nice.  We'll see if it is the RIGHT call in a few weeks when they measure him again!

2.  I had a DUH moment about the sleeves right before this heatwave hit (like with an internal furnace growing, I really want it to be 90+ degrees out too... sigh) - I can just cut the sleeves shorter, not from the wrist, but from the shoulder.  I made the sleeves as if they started from the point of my shoulder, so with the drop shoulder effect of the wide front and back, they go too long, and the elbow bend falls at the wrong place anyway.  This will get the wrist and elbow back where they belong, get the armpit gusset down to a much more reasonable 6", require no odd tucks, and also require me to remove a whopping *1* unfinished seam, and two darts.  Me likey, and will start when my brain stops melting.  (although, I must say that the darts were working pretty darned well as an alternative)

3.  Toddlers in nothing but shorts and ponytails are really cute.  How they have the energy to run around in this heat and humidity, I do NOT understand, but since they've been playing catch and flop (ie jump on the futon, and land on their butts) together for the last hour, I'm really enjoying that they are twins today.

4.  Mental note:  Do NOT have babies due at the end of July.  Everyone goes on vacation, including all of the doulas.  The one that two of the folks I called contacted to see if she could help us isn't sure if she can get backup, so if she can't make it, she still gets her deposit, and we get no labor help.  Grr...

5. For anyone looking to get a nice present for any parent (not just moms) with a brain, with kids up to about age 12, get them a subscription to Wondertime - $10 for ten issues of well-written, thought provoking, *intelligent* pieces, with no particular agenda other than 'kids and parenting are pretty neat, if you let yourself get past all the hype and marketing'.  Staggeringly, this magazine is put out by Disney, and I would have thought that would be sort of like an oil sheik buying everyone hybrids, but it is BY FAR the best magazine about children, parenting and families that I have ever come across, Hands Down.

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 1. Still waiting for my silver gilding stuff to arrive so I can start on HRH's notecards with Template Version 2.0.  Grr...

2.  Decided to set back and side gores at just above my natural waist line, will try it like that, then see if I want to shorten the front gore.  2 more seams down.

3.  R&D now have their very own nifty tents (ie crib tents).  Thank the gods they love camping, so they don't realize they have have been further restrained so I don't have a heart attack every time D throws a leg over the rail.  My mini-breakdown this morning over the idea that we're rushing the girls baby/toddlerhood by moving them into their own room just because we're having a new baby has lead to the idea of ALL of us moving into my old studio, and giving our old bedroom over to my art supply chaos.  Wether this idea has serious potential or not will be determined by measuring the current studio to see if it will hold a Queen bed, three cribs, and three dressers.  Yes, it says something about me that my studio has heretofore been significantly bigger than our bedroom-for-four.  :)

4.  My Dad flunked his completely arbitrary "we've decided that you are old, and so are going to make you take your drivers test again" yesterday.  My Mom only drives VERY select local routes, and only in daylight hours and good weather, so ALL of our lives just got significantly more interesting.  The joys of the sandwhich generation, eh?

5.  My 'Things I want to try as part of my A&S 50 Challenge' list is actually no where near 50 items long. What cool A&S things do you think I may not have tried, and would like?  I have a limited budget, but seven years ought to be enough time to figure something out that will let me try darned near anything, so there need be no limits on your suggestions! 


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